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BEAM 360 LED Corn Lamp

From post lights to high bays, Straits Lighting LED Corn Lamps are the ultimate solution for retrofitting HID and HPS fixtures. A strong selection of base types and wattages make retrofit projects a breeze. The Straits Lighting LED Corn Lamp offers a 360 degree beam angle that produces maximum lumen output in all directions. All Straits Lighting LED Corn Lamps are UL certified.

Productsort descending
SL915CBA - 150200095014W 30001700E26
SL915CBA - 150200105014W 40001700E26
SL915CBA - 150200115014W 50001700E26
SL915CBA - 150200137018W 30002320E26
SL915CBA - 150200147018W 40002320E26
SL915CBA - 150200157018W 50002320E26
SL915CBA - 150200177022W 30002680E26
SL915CBA - 150200187022W 40002680E26
SL915CBA - 150200197022W 50002680E26
SL915CBA - 150200257027W 30003402E26
SL915CBA - 150200267027W 40003402E26
SL915CBA - 150200277027W 50003402E26
SL915CBA - 150200297027W 3000DLC Qualified Product List3402E39
SL915CBA - 150200307027W 4000DLC Qualified Product List3402E39
SL915CBA - 150200317027W 5000DLC Qualified Product List3402E39
SL915CBA - 1502003310036W 30004644E26
SL915CBA - 1502003410036W 40004644E26
SL915CBA - 1502003510036W 50004644E26
SL915CBA - 1502003710036W 3000DLC Qualified Product List4644E39
SL915CBA - 1502003810036W 4000DLC Qualified Product List4644E39
SL915CBA - 1502003910036W 5000DLC Qualified Product List4644E39
SL915CBA - 1502004115045W 30005940E26
SL915CBA - 1502004215045W 40005940E26
SL915CBA - 1502004315045W 50005940E26
SL915CBA - 1502008115045W 4000DLC Qualified Product List5940E39