The Straits GLO Program

Straits enables enterprises and public entities to meet large-scale energy efficiency and strategic technology objectives through its groundbreaking Global Lighting Optimization™ (GLO™) platform. With our execution partners, GLO™ has enabled nearly $100 million of turnkey energy efficiency retrofits across 40 million square feet of commercial real estate.

In an evolving global marketplace, businesses and public entities need to capitalize on the tidal-wave of emergent energy efficiency technologies to reduce operating costs, improve productivity, and gain strategic actionable data across diverse real-estate portfolios. Despite the massive economic opportunity, wide-scale integration of best-in-class technologies in lighting are consistently delayed or sacrificed due to prohibitive budget cycles, lack of applicable business-capital, and low risk-tolerance. GLO’s innovative and scalable procurement platform effectively removes these traditional barriers to adoption.

The GLO™ “lighting-as-a-service” offering, provides, at no cost, a fully installed lighting efficiency project (LEDs, other materials, and labor). In return, the customer makes service contract payments tied to a contracted rate per actual kWh saved based upon an agreed upon lighting usage baseline. GLO™ generates immediate savings (10-40% savings to the customer) over the contract term versus the customer’s prior lighting bill. At the end of the contract term, the customer receives the entire LED system at no cost and enjoys 100% of the lighting efficiency savings going forward.