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The accuracy of lighting is of particular importance in today’s residential, commercial and industrial markets. This is measured and quantified using the Color Rendering Index (CRI), which is the industry standard for measuring a particular light’s accuracy. CRI runs on a scale going up to 100, which is the CRI of a black body radiator […]...Read More
In today’s energy conscious environment, LED retrofitting has become an increasingly popular option for commercial and industrial businesses throughout the world. While the energy savings benefits of LEDs are obvious, there are several other benefits that business owners and building managers should consider when making the decision to retrofit their facilities to LED lighting. These […]...Read More
Many companies operating within the construction and manufacturing industry utilize overhead cranes to transport heavy loads from point A to point B. These cranes are extremely useful for heavy materials handling; however, there are several potential hazards for pedestrians around the crane loading areas. This article discusses the primary hazards involving overhead cranes and provides […]...Read More
LED Rebates – Make the Numbers Work For You
With DLC-qualified lighting, extensive knowledge of industry standards and access to qualified rebates, Straits® Lighting empowers you to make sure your customers understand the immediate and long-term cost savings our products offer....Read More
The Versatility of LED Tube Ready Fixtures
With so many options in commercial LED lighting, it’s hard to know where to begin. When it comes to selecting fixtures for your commercial building and office workspace, you may want to consider LED tube ready fixtures. ...Read More
6 Benefits of Using LED Lights for Business
Lights are essential to business and carry an ongoing cost. So why not make a change that’s good for your bottom line and the environment, too?...Read More
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