Industrial Lighting

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Straits® offers top quality industrial lighting for warehouses, factories, and other industrial applications. We manufacture an array of premium LED lamps and fixtures for indoor spaces that are engineered with the latest in surface-mount technologies and deliver best-in-class lumens per watt.

Types of Industrial Lighting

Industrial lighting fixtures projecting bright LED illumination from a ceiling and lighting up an indoor warehouse storage space.At Straits we produce a variety of lighting fixtures that are designed to withstand the harsh environments inside industrial facilities while providing necessary levels of illumination for safety and functionality. These products hold several industry standard qualifications such as DLC Premium, uL Certified, IP65 Rated, etc. In other words, our products are certified against environmental conditions such as heat, dust, etc. Our fixtures have a wide range of wattages and lumen outputs depending on your needs and also come in a variety of designs depending on the application. We’ll list more information on the types of industrial lighting we offer below.

LED High Bays – We produce a wide range of high bay lighting fixtures for various ceiling heights. This includes round UFO high bays for larger facilities as well as linear high bays for medium ceiling heights. Our products use state-of-the-art LED technology which maximizes durability and energy-efficiency which in turn reduces energy & maintenance costs.

LED Corn Lamps – The LED corn bulbs used at Straits® are shatterproof and use high efficiency LED chips which ensures an extra long life span. These bulbs are highly durable and approved for use in enclosed fixtures. Our LED corn lamps provide a more cost-efficient replacement for traditional lighting such as: metal halides, high-pressure sodium lamps, and CFL bulbs.

Crane & Safety Lights – Straits® Lighting is a premier manufacturer of overhead crane lights and other safety LED lighting products which ensures safety throughout the workplace.

Product Certifications

Straits® manufacturers industrial lighting products that are globally accredited for safety and functionality. Our products contain several industry standard qualifications including:

DLC Premium – There are several requirements for a product to be listed as DLC Premium. This rating is designed to differentiate products that achieve exceptional efficacy and controllability performance.

IP65 Rated – IP65 is a standard governed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Our products are IP65 Rated which means they are considered “dust tight” and protected against dust, oil, water, and other non-corrosive material.

IP40 Rated – IP40 is an IEC rating which ascertains that a product is protected from small wires or tools larger than 1 millimeter.

IP20 Rated – IP20 is another standard governed by the IEC which certifies that a product has the ability to withstand basic touch and contains rudimentary protection against dust.

UL Certified – Underwriters Laboratories is a global leader in the safety testing and certification of products. Our industrial lights meet the required standards and are listed as UL Certified.

LM79 Rated – LM-79 is a standardized test conducted by Light Laboratory, INC which is an independent photometric test lab. LM-79 Testing measures the performance of LED products. This includes measuring properties such as electrical power, luminous flux, efficiency, chromaticity, and luminous intensity.

Switch To LED Lighting

It’s highly beneficial for a warehouse or industrial facility to switch to LED lights. Straits LED lighting solutions saves money for clients while providing a highly efficient and economically friendly lighting option. Benefits and features of Straits® LED industrial lighting include:

  • High energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Reduced costs v.s. traditional lighting
  • Eco-friendly (reduced CO2 & mercury)
  • Safety & durability (UL Certified, IP65 Rated)