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3 yellow temporary high bay lights hanging in a garage workshopOur Lighthouse series have many features that make them appealing to commercial contractors and construction users. Equipped with a 10 foot power cord, these lights have the capability to be daisy chained to combine their lumen output for large scale lighting needs. When not in use, the extra plug port automatically closes, eliminating the worry of lost covers or exposed electrical connections.

In addition to this, the lights feature a corrosion proof stainless steel guard around the LED section, providing excellent protection from drops, falls, impacts or any other mishap that may be encountered on the job site. With an IP64 rating, these lights can withstand any construction dust and debris that may occur. They also can withstand wet and humid weather, which makes them applicable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Our Lighthouse Series provides the same quality of lighting as typical industrial high bay fixtures, but with less intense durability to allow a cheaper price point. This makes them an ideal option for temporary projects such as construction.

Benefits of LED Lighting

There are many benefits of LED lighting across all different types of applications and intended uses. As mentioned previously, LED lights offer improved energy efficiency and increased lumen output over traditional lighting such as HIDs and fluorescent lamps. This alone can justify the switch to LED lighting, especially in the case of temporary lighting. Many times on construction sites, electricity is provided by portable gasoline and diesel powered generators instead of traditional electrical hookups from the power company. This means that there is a limited amount of electricity available for the entire job site, which must be used not just for lighting but also to run power tools, computers, heaters, etc.

LEDs offer a huge advantage in this situation, as they provide the lighting output workers need while dramatically reducing their electrical consumption from the generator, freeing up more electricity for other uses. In certain large scale circumstances, this can result in contractors being able to use a smaller generator for the whole site, saving a considerable amount of fuel and possibly rental fees or capital investment in a larger generator.

A bonus on top of this reduced energy consumption is the longer lifespan of LED lights compared to traditional lighting. Our Lighthouse lamps are warrantied for a minimum of 50,000 working hours, which is considerably longer than HID or fluorescent lights. Over time, this saves quite a bit of money in both materials and labor hours required to replace worn out bulbs. In fact, our lights are considered maintenance free for their entire working life, eliminating the need for keeping spare parts on hand.

A final benefit that should be noted is the increased quality of light provided by LED lights compared to traditional lighting. The quality of a light is measured on a scale known in the lighting industry as the color rendering index (CRI), which quantifies a lights accuracy in reproducing colors true to nature. The higher a lights CRI rating, the better lighting accuracy it provides.

The higher CRI rating of LED lights have several benefits, the first of which is increased worker visibility and reduced eye strain and fatigue. The increase in visibility makes a big difference in overall worker safety and prevents many accidents caused by poor quality lighting. It also makes for a more pleasant work environment for workers, which can have noticeable effects on improving efficiency and productivity. Contractors in particular will appreciate higher CRI ratings when doing high detail work such as painting, drywall and interior finishing as it can make it much easier to spot and correct flaws in their work.


Q: Will these lights run on 110/120V power?
A: Yes, these lights are compatible with standard household 110/120v power commonly found in North America. They will also run on 220/240v power that is found elsewhere globally.

Q: How do these lights attach?
A: These lights come equipped with a built-in multi-purpose hook on which they can be hung. This hook also functions as a carrying handle for easy transport during the setup and take down stages of a construction project.

Q: Are these lights sufficient for illuminating large scale projects?
A: Yes, our Lighthouse series come in a wide range of wattages to suit every lighting requirement, ranging from 40w units for small areas to 120w units that offer the equivalent lumen output of a 400w HID lamp.