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Who We Are

The Straits® Lighting Company is a U.S. based LED lighting manufacturer that produces top quality lighting solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Our customers benefit from state-of-the-art uniquely crafted LED products which provide higher performance and better energy-efficiency when compared with traditional lighting solutions. Learn more about our company and why many businesses choose Straits® as their lighting supplier.

What We Do

We deliver products that use cutting-edge LED technology to provide high quality illumination that’s both energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. These products maximize performance while minimizing energy and maintenance costs. This provides an excellent lighting solution for businesses.

Common applications for our LED lighting products include but are not limited to: warehouses, manufacturing plants, office buildings, retail stores, parking lots, and safety applications such as crane lighting.

Partnering With Distributors

At Straits® we partner with many LED lighting and electrical distribution companies to provide them with a vast inventory of top quality lighting solutions. We help these companies increase outreach and grow their customer base by supplying them with products that can meet the needs of industrial and commercial businesses. If you’re a distributor of electrical products and are looking for a reliable supplier, contact us for more information on our distributor partnership program.

Our History

The Straits® Lighting Company was established in 2011 as a network of global OEM LED manufacturing partners that assembled a broad portfolio of high quality and value engineered LED lighting products. Since that time we have migrated into a full-service, manufacture of commercial LED products for industrial and electrical distribution clients while growing our professional teams of lighting experts in Michigan and Taiwan.

Strategic Partnerships

Straits® offers products, services and exceptional customer service. Straits serves as an extension and support structure for our distributors in a number of ways, including: Salesforce training, customer tandem visits, virtual (Skype/FaceTime) support, custom product development, economic assessments, co-marketing, and photometric analysis.

Key Partners

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End Users

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