Become a Distributing Partner

The Straits® Lighting Company produces cutting-edge LED lighting products that provide an energy-efficient and eco-friendly solution for commercial, industrial, and warehouse lighting needs. To deliver our state-of-the-art LED lighting solutions, we partner with electrical distributors across the United States. Distributors of our products benefit from having our products available in their inventory and having direct access to the manufacturer for customer support, promotional pricing, and deals on bulk orders.

Become a Distributor

Get Special Pricing, Support, & Benefits As a Straits® Distributing Partner

Why Straits® Lighting?

Partnering with Straits® as a distributor of our products allows you to develop additional revenue streams and build and further enhance customer relationships. You’ll also receive competitive pricing on cutting-edge LED lighting solutions. Distributors also receive access to:

  • Our best in class customer support team, including virtual support
  • Complimentary energy efficiency analysis
  • Early access to our promotional pricing
  • Salesforce training
  • Customer tandem visits
  • Co-marketing
  • Photometric analysis
  • Economic assessments
  • Custom product development

If you’d like to learn more about partnering with Straits®, call our support number or fill out the application form below.

Benefits of Stocking Straits® Products

Straits® offers a wide range of LED lighting products to suit every conceivable need. Our range of LED lighting solutions provides a one-stop-shop for practically all industrial and commercial applications, which includes:

By partnering with Straits® Lighting, distributors will have access to all of these LED lighting products and our expansive support network to ensure success. Many of our distributors trust Straits® products and support enough that they have made them the cornerstone of their LED lighting selections.

About Straits® Lighting

The Straits® Lighting Company is a U.S.-based LED lighting manufacturer specializing in high-quality lighting solutions for industrial, commercial, retail, and office applications. Established in 2011, Straits® formed out of a network of global OEM LED manufacturing partners that put together a large array of high-quality and value-focused LED lighting products. It has since grown into a comprehensive manufacturer of commercial LED products intended for industrial and electrical distribution clients, with expanding teams of professional lighting experts in both Michigan and Taiwan.

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