LED Light Bulbs

LED Bulbs for Existing Lighting Fixtures

Tens of millions of residential, commercial and industrial customers around the world are upgrading their existing lighting fixtures to take advantage of the benefits associated with LED lighting. For many customers, going through the process of replacing existing traditional fixtures with entirely new LED fixtures is not practical or economically feasible. For these customers, having the ability to easily upgrade or retrofit their existing lighting fixtures to accept LED bulb technology is a huge benefit. It allows them to enjoy the performance and energy efficiency benefits of LED lighting without the cost and labor involved in replacing their fixtures with entirely new units.

Straits® Lighting Company offers a wide range of LED light bulbs in multiple wattages, sizes and color temperatures to suit the needs of residential, commercial and industrial customers. Our lights provide dramatically improved lumen performance and energy efficiency when compared to traditional lighting such as HIDs, high-pressure sodium lamps, CFLs and incandescent bulbs. In addition to this, our LED lamps provide significantly improved color rendering performance, increasing visibility and creating a more pleasurable environment to live and work.

Most Common types of LED Bulbs

LED Tubes - These tubes are direct replacements for traditional T8 and T5 fluorescent tubes, and can be used with or without a fluorescent ballast. Our LED tubes come in a variety of different color temperatures, configurations and lengths to suit any application. The dramatic improvement in energy efficiency, lumen output and color rendering make upgrading to LEDs a very easy choice.

A 27 watt corn lamp showing multiple rows of LEDs arranged in a manner that provides 360 degree illuminationCorn Lamps - These are popular options as drop-in replacement units for existing metal halide, high-pressure sodium lamps, CFL bulbs and even incandescent lights. Due to the arrangement of LEDs in a series of rows, they have the appearance of a corn cob - which gives them their name. Straits® corn lamps offer close to a 360° beam pattern that provides a highly effective lighting option that can be used with fixtures designed for bulbs using the common E26 and E39 size bases.

Buoy Lights - These lights are direct drop-in for applications using existing EX39 and E39 fixtures. They are designed to live in harsh environments, with high heat, extended operating hours and the possibility of moisture - all of which are commonly found in commercial, warehouse and industrial applications. Due to their focused lighting pattern, they excel in high bay and area lighting applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do existing tube fixtures need to be rewired to accept LED tubes?
No, it is not required by default. However if you are not interested in reusing the existing ballast, you will need to wire around it in order to have your new Straits® LED tubes setup as direct wire. This is normally a quick and straightforward process that takes a few minutes to complete.

Q. What is the efficiency difference between LED tubes and fluorescent tubes?
There is a huge difference in efficiency between these two types of lighting technologies. Compared to standard T8 fluorescent tubes, LED tubes such as our NX-Series and X-Series tubes offer efficiency improvements of up to 50%. This can add up to a huge savings in electricity costs over the bulb's service life.

Q. Which are better, corn lamps or buoy lights?
This is dependent on multiple factors, the largest of which is whether or not the light will be mounted indoors or outdoors. For outdoor environments with the possibility of moisture, buoy lights are the preferred choice due to their IP65 rating. However, for those looking for the broadest lighting pattern possible with the option to be mounted inside an enclosed fixture, corn lamps are the ideal choice.

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