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About Forklift Lights

Used in just about every commercial and industrial operation imaginable, forklifts and HiLos are a vital part of keeping goods moving and the wheels turning in today's increasingly complex economy. These machines can be dangerous however, due to not only the loads they carry but also their sheer size and weight. Therefore, it is important that those in the vicinity of a forklift are alerted to its presence and movement during the course of normal operations. This is especially true for electric forklifts which are nearly silent when moving.

Besides audible alarms, having a system for visually alerting personnel is critical for safety. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) even has specific guidelines under Regulation 1910.178(h)(2) regarding forklift lighting in order to promote a safer working environment.

While many forklifts have been equipped with warning lights for this purpose, it hasn't been until recently that these lights reached their maximum potential for effectiveness, thanks to the introduction of LED technology. The lumen output of these new lights is considerably stronger than traditional lighting tech, and therefore offers dramatically improved visibility. These LED forklift lights are revolutionizing forklift and HiLo safety and are a smart choice for companies looking to maximize safety in their facilities.

Warning Lights for Forklifts

LED strobe lighting for forklifts is one of the most popular and effective choices for a warning system to alert pedestrians and others who may be in the vicinity of an operating forklift. These lights are typically configured to activate when the forklift of HiLo begins to move, changes direction, changes speed or when it is lifting a load.

Safety LED Strobe Beacons

Strobe beacons are not limited to just forklifts. They are a go-to solution for general industrial and workplace safety due to their effectiveness. Strobe beacons and lights are so effective that OSHA considers them to be an acceptable warning indicator for a wide range of industrial and heavy construction machinery.

Straits® lighting offers high quality safety strobe beacons and lights for forklifts, HiLos and other industrial vehicles and equipment. Our LED strobe lights not only provide brighter and more reliable lighting output than traditional strobe systems, they also require zero maintenance. In addition to this, they also use less electricity, which allows vehicles and mobile machinery with limited onboard electrical capacity to have a greater surplus of electricity to use for other accessories or even further safety lighting if so desired.

Our strobe beacons use 6W of power to run an exceptionally bright LED light which is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It should be noted that these beacons do require a strobe light driver in order for them to function.

Solutions for Industrial Safety

There are few solutions as straightforward and effective for industrial safety as safety strobe beacon lights. These strobe lights can be mounted on the top of forklifts, HiLos and other industrial or construction vehicles in order to protect workers and ensure regulatory compliance for safety standards.

Straits® Lighting is focused on helping commercial and industrial facilities achieve the safest work environments possible. Accordingly, our selection of lighting is not just limited to safety strobe lighting but includes a wide range of cutting-edge safety lighting solutions for heavy machinery such as overhead cranes.

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