Safety Lighting

When safety is on the line, high performance LED lighting is the answer. Equipping your faculty with the latest and most up to date safety lighting is key to ensuring workplace safety and smooth business operations. Learn how the top rate LED lighting from Straits® can ensure safety for your commercial and industrial operations.

LED Lighting for Workplace Safety

There has never been a time when workplace safety has been more important for companies, especially in industrial and commercial environments using heavy machinery and equipment. With ever increasing distractions and continuously increasing efficiency expectations, the risk for accidents in these environments is at an all time high.

Recognizing this need for improved safety in the workplace, Straits® Lighting has developed multiple state-of-the-art safety lighting systems in order to provide commercial and industrial users with the best safety solutions possible. Each of these systems is designed for specific applications, with the optimal size, weight and lumen output for maximum effectiveness.

Types of Safety Lighting

There are several types of safety lighting offered by Straits®. All of these units are built with top quality LED chips, drivers and housing materials to ensure the maximum usable lifespan. Below is a list of the most common LED safety lighting offered by Straits®.

Forklift Safety Lights - These lights are designed to mount on forklifts and other moving vehicles in order to ensure personnel and workers are aware of their location. Because they use LEDs in place of traditional lighting technologies, they have significantly higher light output for increased visibility.

LED Sign Projector - In place of traditional signage, these projectors provide a virtual sign on floors, doors, walls and other flat surfaces. They use powerful LED lights to project these safety signs. Unlike physical signs, these virtual signs are impervious to sun fading, weather, and impact damage.

Overhead Crane Lights - Designed to provide warning lighting for areas surrounding overhead cranes, these lights are exceptionally bright and provide an outline on the floor of the area immediately underneath the crane head and the load it is carrying. Available in round spot style beams and linear beams for different illumination requirements, these lights are highly effective in preventing crane accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why use a sign projector instead of a traditional sign?
The biggest benefit of using a sign projector to create virtual signage is its versatility and the elimination of the need for physical signage to be mounted in a facility. With a sign projector there are no concerns about the wear and tear on a sign, and changing signs is as simple as changing settings on the projector.

Q. Where are forklift safety lights mounted?
These safety lights are mounted on the overhead section of a forklift, above the forklift driver. On other vehicles, they should be mounted as high as possible in order to maximize visibility.

Q. How are overhead crane lights configured?
These lights are designed to be mounted on the crane head or its carriage, with four lights in order to properly illuminate around the load the crane is carrying. These lights use a separate driver in order to have the smallest possible footprint on the crane head. The driver can be remotely mounted out of the way in order to reduce the possibility of an accidental snag.

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