Retail Store Lighting

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LED Lighting for Retail & Grocery Stores

Straits® Lighting provides a wide range of highly sought after LED lighting solutions for retail store applications. LED lighting not only saves energy and maintenance costs for retail applications but it also provides a significantly higher quality of lighting. The use of LED lights allows a retail store to tailor their lighting’s lumen intensity, spread and color temperature to set the desired mood. This provides the ideal shopping experience for customers which results in increased sales. As a long term investment, LED retail lighting is always a wise choice.

Types of Retail Store Lighting Fixtures

LED Troffer Lights – These offer a drop-in replacement for applications requiring troffer lighting for their drop-ceilings. Their use of premium materials combined with a Flex-Diffuser gives them the ability to produce lighting ideal for both retail and commercial office applications where the quality of light is paramount.

LED Tube Ready Fixtures – These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, providing a turn-key solution for any retail environment. Often used in new construction or remodeling of existing retail stores.

LED Tubes – These come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and are generally used as replacements for T8 and T5 bulbs in existing traditional fluorescent fixtures. Drop-in LED tubes are often the easiest way to upgrade retail stores to LED lighting.


Benefits of LED Retail Lighting

There are multiple benefits to using LED lighting for your business. The most obvious benefit of LED lighting in retail stores is the large increase in energy efficiency over traditional types of lighting such as incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, etc. It is not uncommon for retail stores to see an ROI improvement of over 115% when they make the switch to LED lighting, sometimes even more if they are replacing especially dated traditional lighting.

Another benefit of LED lighting in a retail environment is the dramatically reduced maintenance costs and increased bulb life. In fact, most LED lights are maintenance free throughout their lifespan, which cannot be said for other lighting types. This saves considerable labor hours, disposal costs and hassle over traditional lighting options.

Additionally, LED lighting in retail has noticeable advantages in being able to control the mood of the environment, which results in a better display of products and an increase in sales as a result. To start with, the CRI (Color Rendering Index) of LED lights is high, normally over 90%. This means that LED lighting is truer to natural light (CRI of 100). The high CRI of LED lights displays products better in a retail store and makes for a generally more pleasant environment for customers.

Another benefit of LED lighting over traditional lighting for retail is the wide range of color temperatures available. Color temperature is measured in Kelvins, which is the measure of the hue and tone of white light coming from a LED bulb. LED bulbs typically run from 2000K which is considered warm white, to 5100K+ which is considered cool white. For reference, natural sunlight is in the range of 3500k to 5000k. The tuning of color temperature allows the ideal mood to be set for retail displays and the shopping environment in general which is a significant advantage over traditional lighting options.

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