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Straits® Lighting has built a reputation for delivering top-quality LED lighting products at competitive prices. Our products use the latest LED technology and provide reliable solutions for our distributors and customers throughout the U.S.

Our End Users


LED Lighting Solutions

LED Tube Lights & Retrofits

Straits® is known for supplying the highest quality LED tubes on the market. Our versatile type A+B hybrid tubes operate with or without a ballast making them perfect for any T8 tube lighting need. Straits® LED tubes are built for longevity and deliver maximum performance while minimizing cost.

Industrial LED Lighting

We offer an array of LED high bays, low bays, and shop lighting fixtures to accommodate industrial spaces. Our products are engineered with the latest mounting technology for easy use as well as the latest LED technology for maximum energy savings.

Outdoor LED Lighting

Our outdoor lighting fixtures are rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance in harsh conditions. These products include a variety of LED floodlights, wall packs, street lights, and parking lot lighting solutions.

Crane & Safety LED Lights

Straits® is dedicated to helping ensure a safe work environment with our specialized LED safety lighting solutions. This includes state-of-the-art LED crane lights as well as forklift lights and other safety solutions.

Commercial LED Lighting

As an industry-leading commercial lighting manufacturer, we are committed to providing world-class products with the latest designs and technology. This includes a variety of drop-ceiling lights and specialized fixtures for office buildings, retail stores, healthcare facilities, and other commercial needs.

Partnering with Straits

Straits® Lighting works with electrical distributors, lighting supply companies, and OEM suppliers. With years of experience and direct feedback from contractors, end users and supply warehouses, we have been able to develop and refine top rate products that provide optimal cost effectiveness, performance and longevity. It is because of this that a partnership with Straits is one of the best decisions a lighting company can make for their long term success.


Energy Costs
With Straits®
Case Studies
Warehouse Saves
$101,414 in Annual Cost
A Solution That Pays for Itself
Office Building Saves
115% in Annual Cost
The Power Of Premium LED Lighting

Lighting Applications

The Omni 4-in-1 system allows the user to select which mode to use depending on the disinfection need and occupancy status of the area. The HEPA air filtration, ionization, and UV-C air mode may all be on while the room is occupied continuously filtering and disinfecting the air. When the room is empty the UV-C surface mode can be turned on to disinfect surfaces in a matter of minutes. All modes can be scheduled, turned on, turned off, tracked, and reported on remotely using the cloud-based server that is included with the sale of the unit. The combination of 4 filtering and disinfecting modes along with the remote operating capabilities make this disinfecting system ideal for maintaining a clean and safe environment.

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