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LED troffer lighting fixtures on the ceiling of an office building illuminating the entire office space

When it comes to commercial and office lighting, having a reliable, energy-efficient solution helps a business in many ways. For example, using high-quality lighting saves energy costs, provides illumination for security concerns, and ensures safety in the workplace. An effective lighting solution can also promote a nice atmosphere for potential customers or clients.

Straits® uses state-of-the-art LED technology to provide the highest quality of industrial and commercial lighting solutions to our customers. One company using our office lighting products saw a 115% increase in annual ROI. The increase was due to the energy savings offered by our technology.

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Case Studies

A busy office building based in Michigan switched from fluorescent lamps to Straits® LED office lighting fixtures. Their business saw many benefits including

  • Improved annual return on investment by 115%
  • Annual savings of $62,000
  • 22% increase in lighting levels
  • Longer lasting lighting
  • 100% reduction of lighting mercury levels
  • Removed 29 tons of CO2 annually

Below are images showing their office space before and after using our products. Their T8 fluorescents were replaced with X-Series LED T8 tubes. 15 watt X-Series tubes are a direct replacement for 32-watt fluorescents.

Dimly lit office space with fluorescent lighting prior to using Straits LED lighting fixtures Before
Brightly illuminated office space after replacing fluorescent lights with Straits LED troffer lighting fixtures. After
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Types of Commercial & Office Lighting

LED Office Lighting Fixtures. We provide a wide variety of lighting fixtures for office buildings and other commercial applications. These can be used in office spaces, high or low ceilings, retail stores, indoor or outdoor applications, security purposes, and more.

Troffer Lights. Our Tri-Line LED T8 Troffers replace traditional Fluorescent Troffers as they provide a more energy-efficient and enhanced lighting solution while maintaining a modern troffer design. These products emit an ultra-soft light that is ideal for computer work in an office space.

Conference Room Lighting. Straits® uses state-of-the-art LED technology to provide the highest quality of illumination for conference room settings. Our lighting products are energy-efficient, reliable, and provide an ideal atmosphere for corporate office settings.

Suspended Lighting Fixtures. LED tube lighting fixture with a lightweight sleek design. These fixtures are ideal for illuminating storage areas, supermarkets, garages, and offices.

LED Utility Lights. Straits® LED utility lights are easy to install and provide exceptional illumination. These lights can be suspended or mounted on a surface and provide a reliable lighting solution for workshops, garages, utility rooms, and more.


  • Provides illumination for security (i.e. parking lots, back doors, etc)
  • Improved energy consumption
  • Saves energy costs for a business
  • Provides safety for employees
  • Creates an ideal atmosphere for workers and clients
  • Draws attention from potential customers (i.e. lighting for storefronts or entrances)
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