Safety Crane Lights

Straits® offers top-quality LED safety and crane lights for hazardous work areas, construction sites, and other safety applications. Our LED lighting solutions are designed to reduce accidents, protect workers, and also save energy and costs when compared to traditional lighting. They are equipped with state of the art LED technology and have an exceptionally long usable service life.






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About Overhead Crane Lights

Overhead cranes and lifting equipment are ubiquitous in commercial and industrial applications throughout the world. While their role is indispensable in today's global economy, their use is certainly not without risks. Because they are designed to lift heavy objects and loads above the ground, there can be serious consequences for improper or unsafe lifting practices. The key to overhead crane safety is ensuring that users are aware of the presence of operational overhead cranes, as most accidents are a result of personnel walking under or around active loads being carried.

Recognizing this serious need for worker safety, Straits® has used their expertise in LED lighting technology to develop overhead crane lights that provide a safety zone around the load being carried. This dramatically reduces the chance of accidents and improves safety for personnel working around overhead cranes.

These lights come in a couple of different styles depending on the application requirements. The two primary types of overhead crane lights are linear and spotlight styles, which have different beam shapes as well as lumen outputs. All of the Straits® LED crane lights are UL certified and IP67 rated for reliable performance in both indoor and outdoor applications.

LED Crane Spotlights

The most popular style out of the two types of overhead crane lights are spotlight style lights. These lights have the highest lumen output and are ideal for very tall overhead cranes, such as those used in commercial shipping facilities handling large cargo containers. They feature a round shape for a spotlight style beam, with a yoke style mounting bracket for easy adjustment and straightforward mounting.

These lights also can be used with an optional lens cover that converts their light output into a linear beam, adding to their flexibility. They are available in both red and blue color choices to suit specific application requirements. One of the key benefits of Straits® crane lights compared to the competition is that they are powered by an external driver, which allows them to be more compact in size and thus easier to install. The driver itself can be mounted elsewhere on the crane head, providing a more streamlined installation.

Linear LED Crane Lights

For applications requiring the most precise linear beam possible, our linear crane lights are the perfect solution. While these lights do not provide the same intense lumen output as spotlight style crane lights, they produce an incredibly crisp beam which provides a very clearly defined safety zone below the crane head. These are very popular for manufacturing facilities where the crane head is lower to the ground and the clarity of the safety exclusion zone is a priority.

Like the spotlight style lights, the linear crane lights offered by Straits® Lighting Company are available in both red and blue colors in order to best suit an application's safety guidelines and requirements. Thanks to their yoke style mounting bracket, these lights are not only easy to install but are very easy to adjust. They are powered by external drivers which allows the light fixtures to be more easily mounted on the limited space available on industrial overhead crane carriage heads. The drivers can then be tucked out of the way for a cleaner installation.

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