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High Bay Lighting

High Bay Lighting Manufacturers and Suppliers

At Straits Lighting we manufacture and supply high quality LED high bay lights for commercial and industrial needs. These lights are designed to cast bright energy-efficient illumination throughout warehouses and other indoor areas with high ceiling heights (30-40 feet). Our products range from UFO high bays that are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments to drop-ceiling fixtures designed for storage areas and workshops.

Our products deliver exceptional lumens per watt and remain a highly reliable lighting solution that’s both environmentally friendly and saves a great deal of costs for our customers. Our fixtures can retrofit or replace existing HID fixtures.

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High Bay Lighting Products

 Apollo Slim LED High Bay - 12180020

Apollo HBF Series

Description: Apollo HBF fixtures are a round shaped UFO high bay that project up to 43,887 lumens and contain a wide design to maximize the area of illumination.

 Apollo Slim LED High Bay - 12180020

Apollo HBI Series

Description: The Apollo HBI fixtures provide up to 32,000 lumens and contain a robust steel-constructed design with added layers of durability.

  • Wattage: 100W, 150W, 230W, 280W
  • Lumens: 13,680, 13,965, 20,730, 21,976, 32,220, 32,475, 41,250, 42,780
  • Kelvin: 5000k
  • Full Spec Sheet

Apollo HEA Series

Description: The Apollo HEA Series are another UFO high bay that’s designed as a cost effective lighting solution for industrial facilities.

  • Wattage: 50w, 100w, 150w,230w
  • Lumens: 6,900 14,000, 20,250, 31,510
  • Kelvin: 5000k
  • Full Spec Sheet

Packard High Bay Fixtures

Description: Most ideal for mid to high ceiling heights in factories, warehouses, and other industrial facilities.

    • Wattage: 100W, 150W, 200W
    • Lumens: 16,350, 24,750, 33,000
    • Kelvin: 5000k

Full Spec Sheet

Buoy Lights

Description: Replacement for high bay lights and other typical HID fixtures.

LED Retrofit Kits

Description: Convert existing lighting fixtures to use LED lights.

  • Wattage: 30W, 45W, 60W, 75W, 100W, 120W, 150W, 200W, 280W, 320W, 350W
  • Lumens: 3,840, 5,713, 6,728, 9,112, 13,123, 15,236, 18,913, 23,578, 35,133, 40,020, 43,514
  • Kelvin: 4000K, 5000k
  • Full Spec Sheet

Case Studies

A metal industry supplier with several warehouses and office buildings switched to Straits® lighting products. The company saw several benefits including:

  • 36% Increase in lighting levels
  • 3x longer lasting lamps
  • Savings of $373,000
  • 84% annual return on investment
  • 100% reduction of Mercury levels in lighting
  • Removed 201 tons of CO2 annually

Below are images showing the manufacturing space before and after T5 fluorescent high bays were replaced with Apollo LED fixtures. Apollo LED fixtures are rated for 50,000 life hours, while fluorescent T5 tubes are rated for less than half of that.

The dimly lit ceiling of a warehouse prior to using Straits lighting fixtures


Other Applications

  • Large recreational facilities (i.e. gyms)
  • Factories
  • Storage areas
  • Airplane hangers
  • Basketball arenas
  • Hockey or ice rinks
  • Indoor sports venues
  • Large retail stores
  • Other buildings with 30-40 foot ceilings