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Bright outdoor LED lights illuminating the walkway to a lighthouse.

Straits Lighting is a premier industrial and commercial LED lighting manufacturer based in the United States that specializes in high performance LED outdoor lighting solutions for both commercial and industrial applications.

As the designer and manufacturer of our fixtures, we at Straits stand behind and take pride in the products we supply, which is increasingly uncommon in today’s busy LED lighting marketplace.

LED Outdoor Lighting Products

Wall mounted LED lighting fixture with a standard design in a fixed position for broad area lighting
Standard Wall Packs (WPG3) Description: WPG3 Wall Pack lights are wall mounted adjustable fixtures with a standard design. This design makes them ideal for illuminating a broad area around a building. The SMD LED chip provides enhanced illumination for increased security in parking lots, the exterior of commercial buildings and parking structures.
  • Available Wattage: 50W / 80W
  • Available Lumens: 7,100 / 11,600
  • Available Kelvin: 5000K
  • Lens Type: Glass
  • Full Spec Sheet
Wall mounted LED lighting fixture with a standard design in a fixed position for broad area lighting
WMN Wall Packs Description: WMN Wall Packs are a standard design that has a row of LEDs facing downward which allows precise illumination close to the building. One unique feature of this lighting fixture is that it spreads light out by using a lens for each LED diode. The product is compatible with a photocell.
  • Available Wattage: 28W / 50W / 80W
  • Available Lumens: 3,460 / 6,536 / 9,977
  • Available Kelvin: 4000K / 5000K
  • Lens Type: Glass
  • Full Spec Sheet
Wall mounted LED lighting fixture with a slim adjustable design
Slim Adjustable Wall Packs (WMK) Description: WMK Wall Pack lights are wall mounted adjustable fixtures with a slim design. This design makes them an ideal solution for illuminating specific areas around a building. These areas include parking lots, man doors, flag poles, alleyways, etc.
  • Available Wattage: 12W / 30W / 50W / 80W
  • Available Lumens: 1,320 / 3,290 / 5,280 / 9,240
  • Available Kelvin: 5000K
  • Lens Type: Glass
  • Full Spec Sheet
Broadcast FLF Floodlights Description: The Broadcast FLF Series Floodlights are a great option for illuminating specific areas around buildings. These lights fall within the lower end of the lumen range, making them an ideal choice to illuminate smaller areas that don’t require lighting that’s ultra bright or wide, such as building exteriors, alleyways, walkways, landscaping and flag poles.
  • Available Wattage: 15W / 30W / 50W / 80W
  • Available Lumens: 1,660 / 3,720 / 6,180 / 10,340
  • Available Kelvin: 4000K / 5000K
  • Full Spec Sheet
Broadcast FLK Floodlights Description: The FLK Series are the largest and highest performing flood lights in the Broadcast line of flood lights, sitting squarely above the FLF and FLK series of fixtures. These fixtures are designed to provide the highest levels of illumination and are especially well suited for high demand applications such as highways, expressways, airports, and large parking lots.
  • Available Wattage: 400W
  • Available Lumens: 51,343
  • Available Kelvin: 4000K / 5000K
  • Full Spec Sheet
Broadcast FLL Floodlights Description: The Broadcast FLL Series Flood Lights fulfill the medium illumination range, in between the powerful performance orientated FLK Series and smaller economy minded FLF Series lights. FLL series lights are ideal for illuminating parking lots, roadways, highways, and other outdoor commercial settings that don’t require ultra bright lighting.
  • Available Wattage: 100W / 150W / 230W / 300W
  • Available Lumens: 13,500 / 20,250 / 31,050 / 40,500
  • Available Kelvin: 4000K / 5000K
  • Full Spec Sheet
Single LED lighting fixture used for canopy lighting
LED Canopy Lights Description: The LED canopy lights from Straits® Lighting are ideal for businesses looking for maximum performance and energy efficiency in their outdoor lighting setup. Choosing the right light fixtures for outdoor applications is critical due to the extended run time demanded in these environments – normally for 12 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Available Wattage: 25W / 40W / 75W
  • Available Lumens: 2,900 / 4,800 / 9,225
  • Available Kelvin: 5000K
  • Full Spec Sheet
LED Street Lights Description: STF series street lights from Straits® Lighting are a popular choice by a wide range of municipal and commercial customers for outdoor applications such as the illumination of streets, driveways and roadways, as well as parking lots and alleyways behind stores.
  • Available Wattage: 50W / 150W
  • Available Lumens: 6,500 / 21,00
  • Available Kelvin: 5000K
  • Full Spec Sheet
LED Wall Sconce Description: Our wall sconces are a practical but decorative light that is ideal for outdoor or indoor applications such as hallways, foyers, balconies, and common areas. Featuring four different cover options to suit a variety of decorative styles, these fixtures are constructed of powder coated aluminum alloy with the capability to be mounted horizontally or vertically in both dry and wet locations.
  • Available Wattage: 15W
  • Available Lumens: 1,350
  • Available Kelvin: 4000K / 5000K

Your Lighting Business Partner

One of the biggest differences between our business model and that of other manufacturers is that we handle the manufacturing of our products ourselves. Most lighting suppliers in the industry source their products from outside manufacturers and rebrand them as their own. With Straits, we are both the manufacturer and supplier of our products which means our supply chain is more efficient and streamlined, resulting in considerable savings for the end customer.

Because we are in control of the manufacturing of our lights, we have the final say in the quality, design and features of each individual lighting fixture. This ensures that our lights are optimally tailored to each of our customers specific application needs, based on our extensive feedback over the years. As a result, our designs are purpose focused, energy efficient and highly competitive in the lighting industry. When you select Straits Lighting as your LED lighting supplier, you are choosing a solid business partner to brighten up your business opportunities.

Why Choose Straits LED Outdoor Lighting?

Outdoor lighting covers a broad range of different lighting applications, from landscape lighting to parking lot and exterior building lighting. In these applications, the primary goal of lighting is not only providing increased visibility but also improving safety and security for the area. As the benefits of LED lighting have become more apparent, older generations of traditional lighting are being retired in favor of modern LED technology. This demand has led the lighting industry to be inundated with a nearly endless variety of different brands, manufacturers and styles of outdoor lighting fixtures.

Unfortunately for lighting contractors this endless array of lighting fixtures brings with it a wide variance in fixture quality and performance, which can make choosing the right manufacturer difficult. This is a vital decision for contractors because choosing the wrong contractor can compromise their large scale projects with unreliable or underperforming light fixtures.

Luckily for contractors, the choice is easy with Straits. We excel in the manufacturing of top quality fixtures that are constructed with premium LED chips and reliable driver circuitry. In fact, all of our outdoor lighting fixtures are rated for a minimum service life of 50,000 hours. We have seen fixtures even exceed this under ideal ambient temperatures and environmental conditions.

Compared to other LED manufacturers, our outdoor light fixtures have a considerably longer real world service life, due to variances in the construction of these fixtures and how that is impacted by environmental factors. In addition to that, outdoor lighting fixtures produced by Straits have a significantly higher CRI ratings than the competition – improving visibility and most importantly safety for higher traffic outdoor applications.

LED Outdoor Light Supplier

There are several benefits to purchasing lighting directly from the manufacturer, especially in terms of cost savings as well as reduced lead time. This is especially true for outdoor lighting contractors due to the sheer volume of fixtures purchased. It is for this reason that Straits sells directly to contractors instead of just suppliers like almost every other manufacturer on the market. We have seen a significant benefit to working directly with lighting contractors and electrical professionals – particularly in simplifying logistics and reducing the costs per unit.

The reduction in costs helps our contractors to improve job margins, resulting in an increase in repeat business. We firmly believe that this business model focused on the mutually beneficial relationship between manufacturers and contractors is directly responsible for the success Straits has achieved since our founding.

This business model not only results in significant price savings, lead time is also improved quite a bit. With all of our products stocked in our Brighton, Michigan warehouse, there is only a 1-2 business day turnaround time after an order has been placed. This provides contractors with the quickest possible material delivery, ensuring the consistent continuation of their projects. For projects where design plans are changed, this is even more important as this usually happens on a tight schedule.

On top of the benefits of better pricing and quick shipping times, our lights are considered to be among the top performing in the lighting industry. Fixtures manufactured by Straits feature excellent energy efficiency ratings as well as class leading service lives which add up to significant cost savings for end users and contractors. Combined with the high lighting accuracy of our LED chips, choosing Straits as your primary lighting fixture supplier is the best way to make lighting jobs easier to sell as well as ensuring your customers end up satisfied with a superior lighting product.

LED Outdoor Light Wholesale

In the contracting world, every dollar counts for those who are purchasing light fixtures in bulk. It is for this reason that working directly with a manufacturer such as Straits is the most logical choice for smart business owners and material buyers. Because we are both the manufacturer and the supplier, we have the ability to offer exceptionally low prices directly to contractors in the field that would normally be reserved only for suppliers. When combined with extraordinary customer service and quick shipping turnaround, it should be no surprise that we have some of the highest rates of repeat and referral customers in the industry.

In order to maximize cost effectiveness and streamline material procurement for projects, contractors try to use as many standardized fixture types as possible, thus reducing the number of different makes, models and sizes in inventory. This is especially true in basic staple projects such as warehouses, big box retailers and office space jobs. For these types of projects, the most logical course of action for contractors is to purchase these fixtures in bulk in order to reduce the cost per unit.

When a lighting contractor purchases directly from a manufacturer instead of through a middleman such as a supplier, they receive the maximum discount and cost savings possible. For professional electricians and contractors who want to maximize the success of their business, this is one of the best ways to save money.

Although these lights are offered at wholesale prices, they provide class leading performance capabilities, rock solid durability and longevity for trouble free service. This final point is where the decision to work with Straits as your bulk lighting supplier really comes into its own. Having the ability to readily acquire a reserve stock of top rate outdoor LED lighting fixtures for use in not only current but also future jobs is simply good business. When combined with the knowledge of the performance capabilities of these fixtures and their place in the lighting industry, contractors will now have the increased confidence necessary to sell more lighting projects and grow their business.

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