Outdoor Lighting

We offer state-of-the-art LED lighting solutions to meet your outdoor and security lighting needs. This includes a wide range of lighting options for parking lots, streets, commercial buildings, and other outdoor applications. Our LED products provide long-lasting, environmentally friendly illumination while saving energy and maintenance costs.

Types of Outdoor Security Lighting

LED lights mounted on the wall of a building for outdoor security lighting

LED Flood Lights – An excellent option for exterior security lighting. Our flood lights have high output led chips which deliver uniform illumination for any office building, school, storefront or other exterior lighting needs. This provides a high performance lighting option while saving energy and maintenance costs.

LED Canopy Lights – Our LED canopy lights provide a flexible and safe lighting option. These products provide high quality illumination for outdoor areas such as parking garages, gas stations, car ports, walkways, etc.

LED Post Lights – We produce LED lights for lamp posts that project high quality energy-efficient illumination throughout indoor and outdoor spaces where pole lighting is applicable. Our Wattsun post lamps are a perfect retrofitting solution for existing bulbs in your fixture.

Street and Parking Lot Lights – An environmentally friendly, safe, and cost-efficient option to illuminate roadways, streets, and large parking lots. The LED parking lot lights used at Straits® are UL Certified and an excellent option to save energy and costs.

LED Wall Packs – Small outdoor LED lighting fixtures used to provide focused illumination on a specific area such as a sign, backdoor entrance, etc. Our LED wall packs are very versatile and cover many exterior lighting needs.

LED Lighting v.s. Traditional Lighting

There are many benefits to using LEDs for outdoor lighting applications. The U.S. Department of Energy discusses many of these benefits in detail in an Exterior Lighting Guide they published for Federal Agencies. One notable improvement they discussed in the article involves an LED retrofit for streetlights. According to the study,

“The first retrofit involved replacing 18 compact fluorescent (CFL) bollards with nine bi-level light emitting diode (LED) bollards. Given the observed 10% occupancy rate, the LED bollards consumed 78% less energy than the original luminaires, while providing the same average light levels. In addition, lamp lifetime increased from 10,000 hours to 70,000 hours, which reduced maintenance costs.” (U.S. Department of Energy, 2010, Exterior Lighting Guide)

There are many benefits to using LEDs for outdoor lighting applications. LEDs yield many advantages over traditional lights such as HIDs. These benefits may include:

  • Higher durability
  • Low energy & maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly (reduced CO2 emissions)
  • Increased Safety

The outdoor LED lighting fixtures and bulbs offered at Straits® come with a wide range of mounting options and hold several certifications for safety and performance (uL, DLC, IP65, LM79)

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