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Brightly illuminated office break room after switching fluorescent lights to Straits Tri Line T8 LED Troffer Lights

Straits Lighting is a highly regarded industrial and commercial lighting manufacturer based in the United States that specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of top rate LED lighting fixtures.

With our unique position in the lighting industry as both the designer and manufacturer of our fixtures, we stand firmly behind our products and take pride in being a valued supplier of high performance lighting fixtures, something that is increasingly uncommon in today’s ever growing LED lighting marketplace.

LED Fixture Products

Suspended Streamline Linear Fixture

Description: One of the most stylish linear fixtures available, the Streamline LED fixture is intended to be suspended from cables or chains from a ceiling. This light is ideal for commercial and retail environments looking for a flexible lighting solution with excellent styling and lumen output. Taking advantage of the latest offerings in LED technology, these lighting fixtures offer stellar performance, longevity and durability all while maximizing energy efficiency.

 Triton LED T8 Low Bay - 6 Lamp - 13071556
Triton Low Bay

Description: Straits® Lighting produces high-quality LED low bay fixtures that are perfect for any warehouse, manufacturing facility, or commercial store. The four and six lamp Triton low bays are ideal for facilities with ceiling heights from 20 to 40 feet. Using these fixtures with our LED T8 lamps allows for maximum efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. The fixture is designed with durable metal construction to ensure a lifetime of use. Triton low bays come with V-clips for suspension.

This 2x4 fixture has a rectangular shaped design and has integrated LEDs.
LED 2×4 Troffer Light – Selectable Power and CCT (40W/45W/50W)

Description: 2×4 LED Multi Watt (40W/45W/50W) Multi Color (35K/40K/50K) Troffer has a matte white finish and is perfect for offices, schools, supermarkets, logistic centers, exhibition halls, and more. This sleek design fixture functions as a heat sink to keep the LEDs cooler to prolong the life of the light.

  • Size: 2×4
  • Wattage: Selectable 40W/45W/50W
  • Lumens: 40W(5200), 45W(5850), 50W(6500)
  • Kelvin: Selectable – 3500K / 4000K / 5000K
  • Full Spec Sheet
This 2x2 fixture has a square shaped design and has integrated LEDs.
LED 2×2 Troffer Light – Selectable Power and CCT (15W/20W/30W)

Description: 2×2 LED Multi Watt (15W/20W/30W) Multi Color (35K/40K/50K) Troffer has a matte white finish and is perfect for offices, schools, supermarkets, logistic centers, exhibition halls, and more. This sleek design fixture functions as a heat sink to keep the LEDs cooler to prolong the life of the light.

  • Size: 2×2
  • Wattage: Selectable 15W/20W/30W
  • Lumens: 15W(1950), 20W(3250), 30W(3900)
  • Kelvin: Selectable – 3500K / 4000K / 5000K
  • Full Spec Sheet
Single LED Vapor Tight Fixture that holds two LED T8 Tubes.
4 ft Vapor Tight Wet Location Fixture

Description: The Straits® Lighting Inline Vapor Tight Fixture offers the greatest protection from any environment. This fixture is weather-resistant and no parts are left exposed to corrosion. The gasket has a silicon perimeter and is 100% UV stabilized polycarbonate. The Inline Fixture is most popular in dusty/wet environments, farmyards, parking garages, and manufacturing facilities.

Round UFO shaped LED high bay light for industrial lighting
Apollo HEA High Bays

Description: The Apollo HEA is a UFO high bay light designed as a cost-effective lighting solution for industrial areas such as warehouses, workshops, manufacturing plants, and more. These round-shaped high bay fixtures are the economy version of the Apollo High Bay Series and contain several global certifications such as IP65 and DLC Premium. In other words, this LED warehouse and shop lighting fixture emphasizes affordability while maintaining a durable high-quality design.

  • Available Wattage: 50W / 230W
  • Available Lumens: 6,900 / 31,510
  • Available Kelvin: 5000K
  • Full Spec Sheet
Round UFO shaped LED high bay with a robust design for industrial lighting
Apollo HBI High Bays

Description: The Apollo HBI is a UFO high bay light that provides high-quality illumination throughout industrial areas such as factories, warehouses, workshops, and more. This round-shaped LED fixture is the standard class of the Apollo High Bay Series. The fixture is DLC Premium Verified and rated to withstand harsh environments. The Apollo HBI uses cutting-edge CREE LED chips to provide optimal illumination from high ceilings while maintaining a durable round compact design; it’s also dimmable and comes with an I-hook for easy mounting on high ceilings.

  • Available Wattage: 100W / 220W / 230W
  • Available Lumens: 13,965 / 27,023 / 32,200
  • Available Kelvin: 5000K
  • HID Replacement: 250W / 600W / 750W
  • Full Spec Sheet

Your Partner in LED Lighting Fixtures

Most lighting fixture companies in the lighting industry today rely on sourcing their fixtures from outside manufacturers and then rebranding them as their own. While this is considered to be an acceptable business model, Straits Lighting does things differently. Unlike the competition, we handle both the design and manufacture of our own products, eliminating the middleman and resulting in a far more efficient and streamlined supply chain. For our customers, this means considerable savings and a boost in their own profitability.

On top of the cost savings and far more expedient shipping and processing, our business model gives us far more control over the quality, design and features of each fixture. By doing this, we are able to ensure that our lights are as specifically tailored to each application as possible, with years of feedback from end users to back it up. Our thoughtful designs are meant to be not only energy efficient but purpose focused, making them highly competitive and sought after in the LED lighting market. When a company chooses Straits as their LED fixture supplier, they are choosing a business partner that they can grow with and have a bright future.

Why Should You Choose Straits LED Fixtures?

As the benefits of LED lighting are becoming more well known, there are a growing number of traditional lighting fixtures that are being replaced with those using modern LED technology. This has directly resulted in an immense demand for LED fixtures in the lighting marketplace, with a nearly endless variety of brands, manufacturers and styles of different lighting fixtures.

While having a large selection to choose from can be helpful at times, it can create difficulties in selecting the right manufacturer. Because of the wide variance in fixture quality and real world performance, it is critical that lighting companies choose the right supplier for their inventory. In today’s world of tight margins and high operating costs, choosing the wrong supplier can have serious long term financial consequences. Additionally, it can cause headaches with unreliable or underperforming fixtures that can tarnish a company’s reputation and hurt customer relationships.

Thankfully, the choice is easy with Straits. Our top quality manufacturing processes and techniques result in high quality fixtures that offer consistent and reliable performance. Made with premium quality LED chips, stout driver technology and reliable circuitry, our fixtures are rated for a minimum of a 50,000 hour service life in real world conditions with most exceeding that under optimal conditions. When combined with significantly higher average CRI ratings than competitors, fixtures from Straits are clearly the best choice to offer to end users and contractors.

LED Fixture Wholesale

In the world of building and construction supply, every dollar counts for those who purchase materials and supplies in bulk. For lighting fixtures this is especially true, as these products often have tight margins with little room for error on the purchasing side. Because of this, working directly with a fixture manufacturer such as Straits is the best choice lighting supply houses and stores can make.

As both the manufacturer and supplier of our fixtures our pricing is very competitive, helping lighting companies maximize their profitability and give more competitive pricing to their customers. For lighting companies who supply contractors who work on large scale projects, purchasing large quantities of fixtures is by far the most effective way to maximize profitability for their operations. When these fixtures are purchased directly from a manufacturer instead of just a supplier, the costs are reduced even further.

LED Fixture Supplier

Our pricing is exceptionally competitive in the LED lighting marketplace, thanks to the fact that we are both the manufacturer and supplier of our products. This helps suppliers maximize the profitability of their operations and ensure that they are able to offer their customers the best pricing possible. For supply houses who provide contractors with their lighting fixtures for large scale projects, purchasing in large quantities ensures that they maximize their overall cost effectiveness. Choosing the right supplier to source fixtures from is crucial in this process, as the wrong one can cause serious liabilities, unnecessary costs and have a significant effect on profitability.

Because the key to maximum profitability as a supplier is to lower the cost per unit as much as possible, it is highly beneficial to eliminate the middleman by purchasing lighting from a manufacturer directly. This is why choosing a manufacturer such as Straits as a lighting supplier is the smart choice for savvy business owners and purchasing departments – as we are both the manufacturer and supplier of our fixtures. With our business model, we offer the most streamlined, efficient and cost effective avenues for suppliers to source their LED lighting fixtures, with an emphasis on building a solid business relationship to ensure the continued growth of your business into the future.

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