LED High Bays

Straits® produces top-quality high bay LED lights for warehouses, workshops, and other commercial or industrial facilities. Our high bays include a variety of compact round-shaped fixtures as well as linear tube lighting products. These lights are built to withstand harsh environments and use cutting-edge LED technology to save energy costs for our customers.

Information on LED High Bays

High bay light fixtures are used in areas that have ceilings that are considered “high” by industry standards. This height generally ranges from 20-40 feet. Since these ceilings are high from the ground, they require specialized fixtures to project adequate illumination throughout the area. At Straits®, we manufacture specialized LED high bay lights for ceilings inside warehouses, workshops, and other indoor commercial or industrial settings. These fixtures have different designs for different applications and settings. You can learn more about our various designs below.

Graphic representation showing LED high bay lumens per height. This ranges from 15 feet ceiling heights in workshops all the way to 40 feet in a large warehouse

Apollo High Bays

Round shaped LED UFO High Bay Lights illuminating a large warehouse space filled with construction equipmentThe Straits® Lighting Apollo High Bay Series offers enhanced performance in a low-profile design. These round shaped UFO high bays are highly efficient and use Philips LED chips to provide enhanced illumination which is perfect for increased safety and visibility in any warehouse, manufacturing facility, or commercial store. The long-lasting LEDs reduce up to 70% of energy consumption, as well as reducing maintenance costs associated with conventional HID or fluorescent fixtures. The steel construction and IP65 rating ensure durability in the most demanding environments. Straits® has three variations of the Apollo High Bay Series (HBI, HBF, and HEA).

Apollo HBI - Apollo HBI fixtures provide up to 32,000 lumens and are designed to withstand the harshest industrial environments. These lights have a robust steel construction and contain additional layers of durability.

Apollo HEA - Apollo HEA high bays provide up to 31,510 lumens and are the “economy” version of the Apollo Series. In other words, HEA’s have the lowest price point of the three! These are ideal in environments that don’t require additional options such as motion sensors.

Apollo HBF - Apollo HBF fixtures provide up to 43,887 lumens with a robust design to maximize illumination from ceiling heights up to 40 ft.

Accessories - We have several Apollo HBI High Bay accessories available.

  • 16″ Aluminum or PC Reflector (100W & 150W)
  • 16″ Cone Bottom Cover (100W & 150W)
  • 16″ Plastic Flat Bottom Cover (100W & 150W)
  • 19″ Aluminum or PC Reflector (230W & 280W)
  • 19″ Cone Bottom Cover (230W & 280W)
  • 19″ PC Flat Bottom Cover (230W & 280W)
  • Yoke Mount Bracket

Packard Linear High Bays

The Packard Linear High Bay fixture has a flat surface with a carefully crafted design to minimize both energy consumption and utility costs. Packard High Bays use state-of-the-art LED technology which delivers the best-in-class lumens per watt. These fixtures are also certified to withstand harsh conditions which minimize the cost of maintenance. The technology and design of this product save energy costs while providing a highly efficient and reliable lighting option.

Packard High Bays deliver up to 33,000 lumens and are ideal for mid to high ceiling heights. These fixtures are commonly used in medium-sized warehouses or inside other commercial or industrial buildings with ceiling heights that range from about 20-30 feet.

Accessories - We have several Packard High Bay accessories available in our store. These accessories include:

  • 2 Foot Frosted Cover (100W & 150W models)
  • 2 Foot Wire Guard (100W & 150W models)

Other High Bay Products

Industrial High Bay Lamps - Our Buoy Lamp is designed with triple overheating protection to withstand the long factory hours. Also includes 4KVA surge protection and water resistance

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