LED Tubes - Designed for use in existing and new T8 style fixtures, these tubes are ideal for a wide range of applications. Depending on the exact type of tube, they can be used in A or B type fixtures with or without ballasts.

LED Flood Lights - Perfect for outdoor applications requiring area illumination, these are used in landscaping, parking lots and more. Flood lights feature a wide beam angle and are weatherproofed against moisture and dust ingress. They come in a variety of different wattage and lumen outputs for different lighting needs.

LED Troffer Lights - Designed to fit in drop ceiling lighting systems, these can be used in new and existing construction. Aesthetically similar to traditional troffer lights, LED troffers are a top choice for offices and businesses.

LED Retrofit Kit - Intended for users who are looking to upgrade their existing lighting fixtures to modern LED technology, retrofit kits are ideal for reducing both investment and operating costs. They come in various sizes to fit different fixture types.

LED Corn Lamps - Ideal for applications using standard E26 and E39 size bases, these corn lamps produce a tremendous amount of light output for their size. They are highly versatile and come in different wattage and lumen ratings for different applications.

Utility & Shop Lights - Designed for basic applications that do not require sophisticated light fixtures or high levels of illumination, these fixtures are ubiquitous in almost every residential, commercial and even industrial facilities. They will either utilize T8 style tubes or have integral LED inside a diffuser lens.

LED Wall Packs - These outdoor light fixtures are designed to be mounted on the side of a building or another vertical surface. They are sealed from weather and moisture and work great for commercial, industrial and retail applications requiring strong outdoor lighting.

Wattson High Bays - A great choice for applications that utilize light fixtures with standardized screw in bases, these provide a broad light to illuminate a wide area. They are very popular in applications that use standard incandescent or halogen lights using E26 or E39 style bases.

Wattson Post Lamps - Designed to be mounted inside post style light fixtures, these are popular in a range commercial and residential applications. They are designed to be mounted either inside a weather sealed fixture or in an indoor environment where they are sealed from the elements.

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