Roadway & Street Lighting

A highway at night being illuminated by bright LED street lights

When it comes to roadway and street lighting, energy-efficiency and reliability are important considerations. This is important because these lights are required to be active for each of the 365 nights in a year. Having a lighting solution which maximizes energy-efficiency while minimizing life-time maintenance costs is extremely valuable for a business or municipality.

Straits® manufacturers state-of-the-art LED street lights for commercial and municipal entities. Our street lights provide customers with highly efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly solutions to meet their street or roadway lighting needs. Our LED lights are proven to save a great deal of energy costs while increasing quality when compared to traditional lighting.

Why LEDs for Street Lighting?

There are many benefits to choosing LEDs for roadway lighting over traditional lighting options. The main benefits include increased energy efficiency, reduced operating costs and a higher quality of lighting than possible with traditional fixtures. Any one of these benefits alone is significant enough to justify municipal users to make the switch, and all three combined make LED technology the only logical choice for new or retrofit street and roadway lighting.

Out of all the benefits of LED lighting, energy efficiency and savings is by far the most well known and largest decision making factor when making the switch. In certain cases, users can see an improvement of over 60% in energy savings when compared to existing fixtures. Over the lifespan of the LED fixture, this dramatic improvement in efficiency can result in enough savings to pay for the initial investment costs of LED lighting many times over.

Another benefit of LED lighting is its practically non-existent maintenance requirements. LED roadway and street fixtures are sealed units and require zero maintenance other than possibly cleaning a lens or repairing accidental or storm damage. This can save a significant amount of labor hours as well as parts costs when compared to traditional fixtures, and in many cases can justify the cost difference when upgrading to LED technology.

The last major benefit not often considered is the improvement in the quality of light produced by LED fixtures. This is measured using the Color Rendering Index (CRI), which quantifies the accuracy of a light source in replicating colors, with natural sunlight having a perfect CRI of 100. The higher CRI of LED lighting helps to improve visibility and reaction time, which is crucial for motorists and roadway and street users. This can help to reduce accidents resulting from poor visibility and also reduce driver fatigue and eye strain caused by poor quality lighting.

Street Lighting Products

Straits® LED Street Light

Uses: The Straits® LED street light provides top quality illumination to roadways, highways, large parking lots, tunnels, interchanges, bridges, and more.


Municipalities – Straits® street lighting products are highly beneficial for municipal entities such as state or local governments. These products are due to the high reliability, little to no maintenance costs, and maximum energy-efficiency. Let Straits® illuminate your city or town with our environmentally friendly LED solutions.

Highways – Needless to say, having reliable lighting for highways is extremely important. Our LEDs provide the necessary lumens for safety considerations while keeping energy costs and environmentally harmful emissions at a minimum.

Interchanges – Safety is a very important consideration on highway interchanges, particularly during evening hours.

Tunnel Lighting – The LEDs from our street lights can provide necessary illumination inside tunnels and at their entrance and exit points.

Bridges – Our street lights can maximize visibility on bridges and improve overall safety.

Large Parking Lots – Our street LED lights can also be used for parking lot lighting. specifically, large parking lots.

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