LED Sign Projector

Introducing a revolutionary new signage solution for personnel and pedestrian safety. Our new LED sign projector light uses cutting-edge LED technology to maximize worker protection, reduce accidents and ensure regulatory compliance. This LED powered projector displays highly visible warning signs, ranging from stop signs, caution signs and even custom signs with practically any label imaginable.




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Features of Safety Light Projector

Our safety light projector uses top of the line LED technology to create and project virtual signs onto floors, walls or other flat surfaces. One of the key features of this projector is that it is remotely operated, meaning the images can be turned on/off, changed or set with a timer at the discretion of the operator.

Equipped with a 90 degree adjustable mounting system, this projector is recommended for applications ranging up to 50 feet from the sign location. The logos this device projects are interchangeable and even customizable depending on the user's needs. There are up to three different logos that can be used at a time, with one, two, three, four and full color options available.

LED Virtual Stop Sign Projector

Out of all the sign options available with our projector, the LED stop sign is one of the most popular. The powerful projector illuminates a highly visible and realistic red and white LED stop sign in order to warn pedestrians and vehicles of cross traffic or impending danger. This is a terrific solution for reducing accidents, particularly in high traffic areas where there is not always a risk.

Another advantage of using a projector for creating an LED stop sign is that it allows the signage to be shown in areas where traditional signage is either not convenient or even not possible. This flexibility is especially appreciated in areas such as aisles, walkways, high forklift traffic zones, and places with extreme conditions where traditional signage will not survive.

Commonly Used LED Virtual Signs

The logos projected are customizable and interchangeable depending on the user’s needs. The projector can cast practically any type, style or shape of safety or warning sign used in industrial and commercial applications. The most commonly used virtual LED signs used by the projector are listed below.

Forklift Safety Sign - One of the preprogrammed signs in our projector are the common black and yellow safety signs that warn personnel and foot traffic of possible dangers from forklifts and makes sure the aisles are clear. This is an ideal replacement for the typical forklift caution stickers used for decades in facilities, since these can be accidentally covered, removed or degraded over time, especially in high traffic areas such as warehouses.

PPE Sign - For certain facilities such as industrial operations, personal protective equipment (PPE) is required. Our projector is capable of casting the yellow and black PPE signs required by regulatory and safety agencies for these areas on any flat surface, such as a wall or a floor. This obviously provides protection to workers but also ensures the company is within OSHA compliance and protects it against unnecessary liability.

Pedestrian Crossing Sign - These signs are used in areas where vehicles and pedestrians may cross paths. The projector is preprogrammed to create the black and white pedestrian crossing signs which are typically used around walkways, floors, walls or any other flat surface with easy visibility.

Caution Sign - There are a variety of different caution signs used to warn personnel and others of oncoming danger. Our LED sign projector has the ability to cast a variety of different signs in order to warn people of hazards. Because these signs are simply projections with no physical aspect, there is no need to worry about wear and tear from environmental factors.

Signage Requirements under OSHA

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has laid out specifications for signage used for accident prevention under OSHA Standard 1910.145. This requires all new signage and replacements of existing signs to be in accordance with the new specifications laid out under this section.

Because of this, all the safety and warning signs pre-programmed into our LED sign projector unit are designed to fit with this latest OSHA standard, ensuring safety and compliance throughout the workplace.

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