LED Floodlights

Straits® LED floodlights deliver exceptional performance and energy savings in a durable compact design. These products contain high output LED chips that ensure a lifetime of use while minimizing the cost of energy and maintenance. Our floodlights range from 15-watt lights designed to illuminate small outdoor areas up to 400 watt lights for major industrial environments such as airports, highways, or large parking lots.

Types of LED Flood Lights

Broadcast Series - The Broadcast Series is a brand of floodlights that are divided into three subcategories (FLK, FLF, and FLL). This division is based on individual uses and needs. For example, a small retail store looking to illuminate a door outside their building will have different lighting needs than an airport, highway, or large parking lot. You can find more details on these individual categories below.

FLF Series - FLF Flood Lights are designed for low to medium levels of brightness and are generally used for lighting small outdoor areas such as alleyways, walkways, and building exteriors. The FLF Series ranges from 15, 30, 50, & 80 watts and projects up to 10,342 lumens of illumination.

FLL Series - FLL Flood Lights are designed for medium to high levels of brightness. These are typically used in parking lots, roadways, and other commercial outdoor settings. The FLL Series ranges from 100, 150, 230, & 300 watts and projects up to 40,718 lumens of illumination.

FLK Series - FLK Flood Lights are designed for maximum brightness and durability. These are ideal for industrial environments such as highways, airports, and large parking lots. The FLK Series comes in only one wattage (400 watts) and projects 51,343 lumens of illumination.

Common Applications

Parking Lot Lighting
Roadways and Highways
Outdoor Security Lighting
Airport Lighting
Outdoor Stadium Lighting
Construction Areas
Building Exteriors

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are flood lights?
Flood lights are a commonly used outdoor lighting fixture that projects illumination onto a given area just like a spotlight. These lights can be attached to a fixed or adjustable mount and are used for general lighting as well as security.

Q. Why use LED flood lights?
LED flood lights are highly effective in providing illumination and security in outdoor settings. This lighting is both energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Using the right products can make a huge difference in cost savings especially for a business or municipality.

Q. What wattage should I use?
The wattage depends on your individual lighting requirements. If you’re using flood lights for a small outdoor area such as a flag pole, building door, or billboard, we advise a range of 15 to 80 watts. If you have larger needs such as illuminating a parking lot or roadway, 100-300 watts is more ideal. Finally, major industrial or municipal settings such as airports or highways may require 400 watt flood lights which is the maximum approved wattage for LED flood lights.

Q. What are the mounting options?
There are a wide range of mounting options available for flood lights. This ranges from fixed pole mounting options to adjustable mounts to be used as spotlights. We’ll provide a breakdown of these mounting options below.

Slip Fitter
Extruded Arm

Q. How many lumens do I need?
Similar to wattage, the amount of lumens you require depends on individual lighting needs. Wattage involves energy output while lumens reflect the level brightness. These two aspects directly correlate with one another. We’ll provide a simple lumens to watts breakdown for LED flood lights below.

Chart showing wattage and lumens for LED flood lights. These numbers range from 15 watt lights with 1,663 lumens for small outdoor areas all the way up to 400 watt lights with 50,200 lumens for large industrial areas such as highways.

15 Watts = 1,663 Lumens
30 Watts = 3,720 Lumens
50 Watts = 6,180 Lumens
80 Watts = 10,340 Lumens
100 Watts = 13,500 Lumens
150 Watts = 20,250 Lumens
230 Watts = 31,050 Lumens
300 Watts = 40,500 Lumens
400 Watts = 50,200 Lumens

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