U.S. LED Wall Pack Manufacturer and Supplier

As a U.S. based LED lighting manufacturer specializing in providing high performance LED wall packs, Straits Lighting is highly regarded in the commercial and industrial lighting sectors. We take great pride in the manufacturing of our lighting products, which cannot be said for others. In fact, the majority of suppliers in the lighting industry source their products from outside manufacturers. These manufacturers also rarely sell to contractors and end users.

By manufacturing our own lights, we have complete control over quality, design and specifics of each lighting fixture, which ensures that they are best tailored to our customers application needs. With years of industry experience and direct customer feedback, our lights are highly competitive in the marketplace as well as being cost effective. Invest in your company’s future by choosing Straits as your lighting supplier for current and future projects.

LED Lighting Products

Wall mounted LED lighting fixture with a standard design in a fixed position for broad area lighting
Standard Wall Packs

Description: WPG3 Wall Pack lights are wall mounted adjustable fixtures with a standard design. This design makes them ideal for illuminating a broad area around a building. The SMD LED chip provides enhanced illumination for increased security in parking lots, the exterior of commercial buildings and parking structures. The eco-friendly LEDs chip reduces energy costs with the traditional Wall Pack design. WPG3 is the standard version of the Cascade Wall Pack Series.

  • Available Wattage: 50W / 80W
  • Available Lumens: 7,100 / 11,600
  • Available Kelvin: 5000K
  • Full Spec Sheet
WMN Wall Packs
WMN Wall Packs

Description: WMN Wall Packs are a standard design that has a row of LEDs facing downward which allows precise illumination close to the building. One unique feature of this lighting fixture is that it spreads light out by using a lens for each LED diode. The product is compatible with a photocell.

  • Available Wattage: 28W / 50W / 80W
  • Available Lumens: 3,460 / 6,536 / 9,977
  • Available Kelvin: 4000K / 5000K
  • Full Spec Sheet
Slim Adjustable Wall Packs (WMK)
WMK Wall Packs

Description: WMK Wall Pack lights are wall mounted adjustable fixtures with a slim design. This design makes them an ideal solution for illuminating specific areas around a building. These areas include parking lots, man doors, flag poles, alleyways, etc. Our Slim WMK Wall Packs are dimmable for select wattages and are compatible with photo sensors available separately. WMK is the slim adjustable version of the Cascade Wall Pack Series.

  • Available Wattage: 12W / 30W / 50W / 80W
  • Available Lumens: 1,320 / 3,290 / 5,280 / 9,240
  • Available Kelvin: 5000K
  • Full Spec Sheet

Why Choose Straits® LED Wall Packs?

Side of a building at night with LED wall packs on the side of it lighting up a parking lot

Wall packs have been used in commercial and industrial applications for years due to their straightforward installation and operation, as well as their rugged construction. With the lighting revolution brought on by LED technology in recent years, the lighting marketplace has been inundated with a wide variety of brands, manufacturers and even styles of LED wall pack fixtures. As might be expected, there is significant variation in the performance and quality of these fixtures, which makes choosing the right one a critical consideration for lighting professionals in order to ensure that their projects are not jeopardized by underperforming lights.

This is where working with Straits truly shines. Not only do our lights use top quality LED chips and long lasting SMD drivers but they also carry a service life rating of a minimum of 50,000 hours or more under any and all operating conditions. This is significantly higher than the real world industry average, which has considerable variances in actual useful service life. In addition to this, the wall packs we manufacture have consistently better light quality than our competitors, with improved visibility, security and a generally more pleasant environment.

LED Wall Pack Supplier

Besides the obvious benefits of excellent quality control and carefully selected components, another reason for choosing to work directly with a manufacturer is the significant cost savings and lead time reduction. We have found this to be a mutually beneficial business model, with a large reduction in costs and a significant improvement in logistics. Reducing costs electrical contractors and lighting professionals simplifies the process of repeat business and improves job margins, which in turn helps to ensure the success of our customers.

By removing a standalone middleman supplier, we are able to offer wholesale prices for led lighting fixtures that would otherwise be unavailable to contractors. With stock held on site in our Brighton, Michigan warehouse, our turnaround time for LED wall packs is quick, ensuring that contractors receive their fixtures on-site as soon as possible. This is especially important in situations where design and lighting requirements change in the middle of a project, requiring different lighting configurations and/or additional fixtures.

LED Wall Pack Wholesale

When contractors are shopping for bulk lighting supplies, every penny counts. One of the main benefits of working with Straits for wholesale lighting is that we are both the manufacturer and the supplier. This results in unusually low pricing compared to the competition, as well as factory direct customer service and expedient order turnaround times.

Many contractors working on repeat or large scale projects such as warehouses, industrial buildings and commercial properties utilize standardized fixture types to streamline their workflow. In these situations, the smartest long term strategy is to buy in bulk in order to save on unit costs. When contractors are able to purchase directly from a manufacturer, they will be maximizing their cost savings due to the traditional middleman supplier being cut out of the picture. This significant cost savings helps contractors achieve their long term business goals by increasing profit margins.

Despite this excellent pricing structure, our lights offer excellent performance and longevity, giving contractors the confidence that their customers will be satisfied with the end result. This is where the advantage of working with Straits for bulk lighting supply really shines, allowing contractors to stock a reserve supply of LED wall packs for current and future projects. When an electrical contractor or lighting professional chooses Straits for their wholesale lighting needs, they are making a bright choice for their business future.

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