LED Cascade Wall Packs

Our Cascade LED Wall Packs are dimmable for select wattages and are photosensor compatible (WMK does not come fitted currently with photosensors). Cascade Wall Packs come in three different types (WMN, WMK, and WPG3) each of these have different styles and come in a wide variety of wattages and brightness. Our Slim WMK Wall Packs are adjustable, making it an excellent solution for parking lots, man doors, flag poles, alleyways, and all exterior buildings.

  • WMN = Standard wall packs with LED diodes facing downward
  • WMK = Slim and adjustable wall packs
  • WPG3 = Standard wall packs for broad areas

Types of LED Wall Packs

LED Wall Packs on the side of a building illuminating the parking lot

Standard - Standard wall packs projects illumination over a broad area. This makes this style of wall lighting fixtures ideal for perimeter security.

Slim - Slim wall packs come with a compact thin design and provide directional lighting in specific areas.

Adjustable - Slim wall packs allow you to adjust the fixture so you can aim light in specific directions.

Downward Lighting - Downlight wall packs contain a row of LEDs that faces downward. This allows the fixture to light the building wall and area right up close to the building.

LED Dusk To Dawn Lights - Many LED wall packs are photosensor compatible and can serve as dusk to dawn security lights. In other words, when these fixtures are installed with this device, they will automatically turn on when it detects darkness outside. Conversely, the lights will turn off when it detects daylight. This feature is an excellent option for providing security to outdoor areas.

Information On Our Products

Cascade WMK

Slim adjustable wall lighting fixture used for directional lighting and illumination in narrow spaces. WMK wall packs are also dimmable and photosensor compatible. These fixtures are commonly used for alleyway and walkway lighting.

Wall mounted LED lighting fixture with a slim adjustable design
Cascade WPG3

Standard wall lighting fixtures used for broad area lighting. Most customers use a glass lens with this product for ideal lighting dissipation. WPG3 comes with an optional photocell.

Wall mounted LED lighting fixture with a standard design in a fixed position for broad area lighting
Cascade WMN

Cascade WMN wall pack lighting fixtures are designed for a wide variety of applications, thanks to their dimming capabilities and optional photocells. They come in three standard wattages for parking lots, doorways, alleyways and building exteriors.

Replacing HID Wall Packs

HID stands for high-intensity discharge and are one of the major families of bulbs. Two major types of bulbs under this category are Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium. Metal Halide Wall Packs and High Pressure Sodium Wall Packs are very commonly used for outdoor wall lighting throughout the United States. Although these fixtures are common, there are several issues with this type of lighting especially when compared to LEDs. Using LEDs for outdoor lighting yield several benefits over traditional HID fixtures including:

  • Higher energy-efficiency
  • Less harmful toxins (eco-friendly)
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Brighter illumination

If you’re looking to retrofit or replace your outdated HID fixtures with LED wall packs, we have a wide variety of options available and can set you up with a light that has a lumens or wattage equivalent to your existing light.

Wall Pack Applications

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