The Versatility of LED Tube Ready Fixtures

With so many options in commercial LED lighting, it’s hard to know where to begin. When it comes to selecting fixtures for your commercial building and office workspace, you may want to consider LED tube ready fixtures.

The Dollars & Cents Advantage

No matter how big or how small your space is, LED tube ready fixtures will save you money over the long haul. In general. these fixtures cost less than dedicated, embedded LED fixtures. In addition, they are incredibly versatile which allows you to easily replace the T8 tubes in the fixtures without the assistance of an electrician. Of course, with the tubes long life of 50,000 hours, this will not happen very often.

With LED lighting, the lumen output will remain the same over the life of an LED whether you replace just the tube or an entire fixture. Consider an office space filled with cubicles and copiers. Instead of paying an electrician the going “after-hours” rate to maneuver around these obstacles replacing costly fixtures, you can pay your maintenance staff to simply switch out the dimming T8 tubes with new ones.

LED Ready™ Fixture Options from Straits® Lighting

The Straits® Lighting Company has a number of LED tube ready fixtures to consider. When reviewing the options below, keep in mind the benefits of LED lighting outweighs any cost premium with greater efficiency and longer life.

Triton LED Low Bay Fixture is ideal for warehouse, storage, and other similar spaces. These fixtures deliver exceptional performance in a more traditional design. This Triton Low Bay will help you meet the challenging maintenance, safety, and performance requirements of industrial environments. The Triton Low Bay includes V-Hooks for suspended mounting.

Suspended Streamline fixture is sleek and light weight. This contemporary fixture’s low profile allows it to be mounted suspended from the ceiling adding dimension and design to any office building, retail store, school, or security lighting application. This fixture only requires 2-LED T8 tubes.

LED Inline Vapor-Tight Fixture is perfect for buildings exposed to high levels of moisture or pollution in the air. Because it is waterproof, dustproof and weatherproof, it is perfect for parking garages, manufacturing facilities and even farmyards!

LED Strip Fixture provides exceptional illumination in a practical and reliable design. Because of the high lumen design, this fixture is perfect for work areas where precision is essential. Combine this fixture with Straits® Lighting T8 LED tubes to create a safe, bright workspace.

Now is the time to take the plunge with LED lighting. Although there are many options, remember the benefits include energy efficiency, cost savings, low maintenance and visual appeal. You’ll even reduce the load on your HVAC system because LEDs emit less heat.

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