Utility & Shop Lights

The Straits® Lighting LED Utility Lighting fixture provides exceptional illumination in a practical and reliable design. When fully assembled, this LED shop light delivers excellent lumen output and requires no bulbs to replace. This LED fixture is an excellent option for suspended or surface mount installations in workshops, garages, and utility rooms.

  • Watts: 38W
  • Lumens: 4,000
  • Voltage: 100V-277V
  • Color Temperature: 5000K
  • Certifications: UL certified, IP20 rated, FCC certified



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LED Shop Lights Manufacturer

Long linear tube lighting fixture used for utility and shop lightingWhen looking for a solution to illuminate your work environment, there are several factors to consider. First, you’ll want to consider the location. For instance, if the lighting fixture is going to be exposed to harsh environments such as excessive moisture, you may want to consider using a vapor proof fixture. Another important factor to consider is ceiling height.

The Straits Lighting Utility Light is ideal for workshops, utility rooms, and storage areas with a small to medium ceiling height (15-25 ft).

We also produce a variety of high bay fixtures for warehouses and other facilities with ceiling heights above 30 feet. Here’s a simple breakdown of a variety of other fixtures we offer based on ceiling height.

Graphic representation showing LED high bay lumens per height. This ranges from 15 feet ceiling heights in workshops all the way to 40 feet in a large warehouse

Finally, you’ll want to consider the desired level of illumination based on the type of workshop your fixture(s) are going to operate in. This includes the color temperature (Kelvin), wattage, and lumen output. Here’s a simple guide that describes ideal illumination based on your workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are shop lights?
As the name suggests, shop lights are a type of lighting fixture that’s used to illuminate an industrial area such as a workshop. This may include an auto body shop, machine shop, or any other area where industrial work is being performed. Shop lighting fixtures are designed to withstand the harsh conditions faced within these work environments.

Q. What are utility lights?
Utility lights are a general category of lights used as a practical way to illuminate commercial or industrial areas. These lights are generally highly functional, durable, and inexpensive. In essence, utility lights prioritize functionality over style. This type of lighting fixture is ideal for areas such as utility rooms, storage areas, and commercial garages.

Q. Where are shop lights used?
Simply put, shop lighting is ideal for any workshop. This ranges from woodworking sheds, automotive shops, metal fabrication facility, or any other area where technical repair or construction occurs.

Q. Why use LED shop lights?
Using LED lights for workshop areas are ideal for many reasons. For instance, they’re more durable, energy efficient, and provide an overall safer environment. In short, any business or manufacturing operation can save a great deal of costs when switching from traditional fluorescent bulbs/HID fixtures to LED lighting solutions.

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