NX-Series LED T8 Tubes

The NX-Series by Straits® are LED T8 Tubes that are Type A+B which means these can operate with or without a ballast installed. These tubes are strictly double ended, which takes the guesswork out of installing as they are not directional. The NX-series uses state-of-the-art LED technology with SMD drivers and is constructed with a shatterproof frosted lens and housing. This allows for a lifetime of use with very little to zero maintenance.

NX-Series LED tube lights are excellent choices for offices, warehouses, schools and home environments. When selecting these bulbs, it is important to cross-reference the specification sheet for ballast compatibility.

  • Watts: 12W / 15W
  • Lumens: 1,715 / 2,160
  • Voltage: 100V-277V
  • Color Temperature: 4000K / 5000K
  • Certifications: DLC, UL Listed, IP20 Rated, LM79
  • Warranty: 5 Years






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About T8 Tube Lights

A single T8 NX-series LED tube light by Straits Lighting. These lights are labeled as type A & B and UL & DLC QPL listed.T8 tube lights have been a staple of commercial, industrial and residential lighting for several decades. These bulbs are used in fixtures such as shop lights, overhead low bay lights, commercial and retail lighting, and industrial warehouse lighting. These bulbs come in multiple lengths, color temperature ratings and wattages, depending on the application requirements.

Straits Lighting Company manufactures top quality LED tube lighting that offers a combination of long service life, high illumination quality, and exceptional energy efficiency. Our NX series tube lights are built with premium materials and workmanship, which provides the performance and durability our customers expect.

NX-Series 4ft Tubes - These are four foot long T8 LED tube lights which come in both 12 watt and 15 watt options. They also are available in 4000K and 5000K color temperature choices.

Why Choose NX-Series LED tubes over Fluorescent?

Fluorescent type lighting has dominated the tube light marketplace. Over the past decade however, LEDs have largely surpassed fluorescents in their use as replacement lamps and in new construction. This is due to the many benefits of switching to LED lights, which include:

  • Increased lumen per watt ratios
  • Extended lifespan
  • Decreased maintenance costs
  • Improved workplace safety and efficiency
  • Dramatically decreased energy consumption
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