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LED Low Bay Manufacturers

Robust LED low bay fixture with four slots for LED tube lampsLow bay lighting fixtures are typically used in areas with ceiling heights below 25 feet. This typically includes areas such as garages, barns, and small warehouses. These lights differ from high bay lights in that they project less lumen output since the energy needs are typically lower than that of lights used for ceilings that are over 25 feet.

The Triton Low Bay Fixture has two primary designs. Each of these designs are 4 ft in length. The difference is the number of led tubes it can hold. At Straits, we produce both a four lamp, and six lamp version of the Triton Low Bay Fixture. It’s important to note, the tube lights are sold separately from the fixture.

The Triton LED Low Bay is constructed with die-formed heavy gauge cold rolled steel for maximum durability and provides reliable energy efficient illumination for ceiling heights up to 30 feet. Due to it’s high energy-efficiency and durable design, Triton Low Bays are ideal for warehouses and commercial lighting applications such as retail stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are low bays?
Low bay fixtures are used to describe lights that are ideal for areas with ceilings that are approximately 20 feet or less.

Q. Where are low bays used?
Low bay lights are ideal for practically any indoor area that has a ceiling height lower than 20 feet. This includes: workshops, warehouses, supermarkets, certain manufacturing areas, etc.

Q. What are high bays?
High bay lighting fixtures are used to cast illumination from high ceiling heights. This typically ranges from 20-40 feet in height.

Q. Where are high bays used?
High bay lights are ideal for larger indoor areas with ceiling heights beyond 20 feet. Typical applications for high bay fixtures include: warehouses, commercial gyms, factories, etc.