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Information About T5 Tube Lights

T5 lights are a popular type of LED tube light used in commercial and industrial applications. These lights are mounted in fixtures such as shop lights, troffer lights and high powered lamps. The most common size of T5 light is 4ft, although they also come in 2ft, 3ft and 5ft lengths as well.

Straits Lighting offers premium drop-in T5 LED tube lights that provide long lasting illumination with high energy efficiency. These lights are used in a wide range of applications such as office lighting and indoor commercial and retail lighting. Our Streamline Plug & Play T5 lights use top-quality materials to provide the high performance and long lifespan customers expect.

Fluorescent T5 Tubes vs LED T5 Tubes

4 Foot LED T5 tube lamp with two prongs at the end for easy installationMany retail stores and commercial buildings still use fluorescent lighting, especially those who invested in the later T5 style lighting. However, many are now realizing the benefits of LED lighting over already efficient T5 tube lights. LED tube lights have many benefits over traditional fluorescent lights, which include:

  • Significantly higher energy efficiency
  • Higher lumen levels per watt
  • Longer useful lifespan
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Safety and efficiency increases due to higher lighting quality

Cape Peninsula University of Technology discusses the energy savings from LED lighting in their paper titled “LED Tube Retrofits for Fluorescent Lighting in Offices”, which studies the energy savings resulting from converting to LED lighting from fluorescent tubes. According to the study,

“Savings are definitely achievable in residential and industrial applications by changing over to LED lighting, as most LED lamps are made to fit the existing light fittings of their corresponding ‘older’ light technologies. However, in the office environments of large commercial applications, the possible savings are significantly increased due to the vast number of light fittings used.”